Why does a credit Rick Nalo help me in a medical emergency?

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One always contemplates family expenses or those that immediately affect light, water, gas, tuition, transportation, among others.

But on very rare occasions a saving is made in case it is needed for emergencies, especially doctors. And even if you save, when an unforeseen doctor appears, nobody is prepared.

When a family member becomes ill, the main concern is to get better. However, once the consultations, exams, etc. begin. the numbers begin to be needed and the question arises and now what do I do?

This time we tell you why a credit Rick Nalo is a good option to pass that medical emergency that nobody wants.


The amount you need, in the time you need it

The amount you need, in the time you need it

Many times the problem is that you don’t know an exact amount that will be spent and most banks offer very high interest loans, which for the situation you are experiencing is inconvenient.

In Rick Nalo you have the power to choose how much money you need in an interval between 3,000 to 80,000, in 12, 24 to 48 months.

You should not be thinking of the highest plans with eternal debts, but you create your own plan with the possibilities you have.



medical credit

Rick Nalo knows that in an emergency what is most needed is time, so you don’t have to wait in line to get your credit. Now you can request it by phone, social networks, website or the application with a maximum 48 hours to receive the money.


No surety

No surety

On these occasions few people can be with one in all medical procedures, including financial. In this way, we trust you and you don’t need someone else to ensure that you can acquire a loan.

The idea is to help you, therefore, you do not need a guarantor who assures certainty of responsibility.



medical credit

In an emergency, what is most needed is support, we will not leave you alone and we will always be advising you about your credit.

Remember that it is always good to provide financial support for anything, but if necessary Rick Nalo is always there to give you a hand and get out of the best form of these emergencies.

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