The most common mistakes when using the credit card

As we always say, credit cards have to be patient and not use them in a crazy way; Otherwise, at the end of the month, seeing your statement, you will think that you are a creation of the devil, when all you need is to learn how to manage them in order to enjoy their benefits.

Choose an unmatched card

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How do you know that a plastic really suits you if you have not seen what benefits the others on the market offer you? Miles, discounts, promotions … there is everything when it comes to cards and the best option is to compare them all before choosing.
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Accept more than you can afford

Do not get wrong! Be honest with yourself and see how much you can pay monthly; Accordingly, use only 40% of your credit line at most. Why? Because this can become a danger, look at the explanation here.

Don’t keep track of what you spend. Some often confuse the money on the card with extra money you have to spend, and it is not so! It is simply another form of payment that allows you to make purchases when you have no cash available. So take note of the times you use the card, it won’t be that the end of the month account ends up ruining your pocket.

Use the card for everything

Use the card for everything

“Why not? If at the end it works. ”Error! If you use the card for purchases that you could also pay in cash (lunch of the day, buy some candy or coffee, etc.), you leave less and less “credit” for any large purchase you could make. And so, your monthly payment will also be higher, which will cause you to pay the minimum and generate more interest.

Do not verify your expense report . By not doing so, you will never realize what are the expenses that are taking extra pesos. When reviewing your account statement you can also propose to cut some expenses and save a little. Healthy habits for a healthy economic life!


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