Loan calculator: calculate your loan yourself

The loan calculator helps you to see how much interest and repayment you have to pay per month with a certain loan amount and a certain interest. You can play with it yourself and change all settings so that you can see how much a loan costs and what you have to pay per term, broken down into interest and remaining debt.

The use of this loan calculator is entirely without obligation and without risk. The current costs and interest can always be found on the quote that you can request online.

Request quotes

Request quotes

Once you have an overview of how much a loan is going to cost you per month, you can request quotations from the various lenders for free and without obligation. We have listed the best AFM-controlled lenders for you. Feel free to request multiple quotes and view all terms and costs carefully. Compare them with each other and choose the best loan for you.

Calculate loan

Calculate loan

The loan calculator is a tool that can only help you understand the costs of a loan. Calculating a loan can be done online quickly and easily. Most lenders have also placed a similar tool on their website to use and to be able to request a loan directly from this tool.

What does it cost to borrow money?

What does it cost to borrow money?

An example:

If you borrow money, you also have to repay it. Logical. You must also pay interest on the loan amount. The amount that you pay in interest is determined by a number of factors, for example the amount you borrow and the repayment period.

During a number of months you repay part of the loan to the bank or lender each month:

  • a part repayment and
  • a part interest,

If you multiply that amount by the number of months you repay and deduct the original loan amount, you will see exactly how much the loan will cost you. Sometimes extra costs are added. Think of closing costs and administration costs. Most lenders have already included these costs in their interest rates, so that it remains clear. But beware: the additional costs must be clearly stated on the quote you have requested.

Example of a personal loan:

  • Suppose you want to buy a car of 5000 euros.
  • Then you are faced with the choice: will I borrow the money, can I drive the car now or will I still save for it? Suppose you decide to take out a personal loan for this with a term of three years or 36 months.
  • Suppose the interest on the personal loan is 6% on an annual basis. You pay 152 euros each month for repayment and interest. After three years you have paid a total of 5476 euros. So it costs you 476 euros to be able to buy the car now, instead of in 36 months. That is approximately 13 euros per month: the interest that you pay in addition to the repayment of the loan amount.

Do you want to play with an interactive calculation module yourself? Then use the loan calculator and enter all the amounts yourself and see immediately what a loan will cost you.

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