Lose your fear of the “cut day” of your credit card

To maximize the use of your credit card, you must know all the terms associated with it, including the billing cycle, which contains the closing day and the payment deadline. Both dates are important because they will guide the purchases and subsequent payments you must make. Deadline:  It is also known as court day and […]

Credit intermediaries and lenders

In this article we will analyze the figures of real estate credit intermediaries , their designated representatives and private lenders , based on what is established in the imminent Law regulating real estate credit contracts, pending publication in the BOE. The final text is already available, when the final approval by the Congress of the […]

Balance dip? Quickly borrow up to 1500 euros without BKR review

With a balance dip you can quickly borrow money up to 1500 euros Simply apply online and, if agreed, money immediately available within 24 hours Example: Borrow 1500 euros for 62 days for only 25 euros Apply online and if agreed, money within 24 hours No BKR check or registration Borrow 100 to 1500 euros […]

Why does a credit Rick Nalo help me in a medical emergency?

One always contemplates family expenses or those that immediately affect light, water, gas, tuition, transportation, among others. But on very rare occasions a saving is made in case it is needed for emergencies, especially doctors. And even if you save, when an unforeseen doctor appears, nobody is prepared. When a family member becomes ill, the […]